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Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Maine to Georgia, CT,GA,MA,MD,ME,NC,NH,NJ,NY,PA,TN,VA,VT,WV

(See West Virginia)

App Wooden.jpeg
App Court House badge6.jpeg
Arlington 150.jpeg
Lees Retreat.jpeg
Arl Hou Wo.jpeg
Arl Hou Wo2.jpeg

Chesapeake Bay Watershed, DC,MD,NY,PA,VA,WV

Colonial National Historical Park, (See Jamestown and Yorktown)

Jamestown wooden 2018patch.jpeg
Colonial Ranger.jpeg
Fort Monroe sticker.jpeg
Spostsvanian Rocker.jpeg
The Wilderness Rocker.jpeg
George Washington Carver2.jpeg

George Washington Memorial Parkway, Fort Hunt

Fort Hunt1.jpeg
Fort Hunt.jpeg
Fort Hunt.jpeg
Fort Hunt sticker.jpeg
Great Falls Park Bird Badge.jpeg
Great Falls Park badge.jpeg
gre fal.jpeg

Given out for Junior Ranger Day 2023. Made by the site.

Historic Jamestowne, Part of Colonial National Historical Park

Jamestowne Wooden ship Badge1.jpeg
2020 James.jpeg
Jamestowne Plastic.jpeg
Jamestown 2020.jpeg
Jamestown 2019 Junior Ranger day.jpeg
Jamestown wooden 2019 badge.jpeg
Jamestowne 2018 Wooden Badge.jpeg
Jamestown patch3.jpeg
Maggie Walker 40th wooden.jpeg
Maggie Walker wooden.jpeg
Manassas Badge3.jpeg
Manassas big text.jpeg
Manassas wooden.jpeg
Even though the patch doesn't say Junior Ranger, I found evidence that this is the patch Manassas gives out for their Junior Ranger Program.  I found this picture on Manassas' website under Junior Ranger Program


Petersburg NB Patch blue.jpeg
Poplar Grove patch.jpeg


Prince William.jpeg
PrinceWilliam wooden.jpeg
Shen plastic.jpeg
shenandoah wooden bear badge.jpeg

Rock on, Stony Man! Ranger Explorer Patch – awarded for completing the Rock on, Stony Man Ranger Explorer activity guide

AT Ranger Explorer Patch is awarded for completing the Shenandoah NP part of the Appalachian Trail Ranger Explorer activity guide

Yorktown Battlefield, Part of Colonial National Historical Park

Yorktown wooden badge.jpeg
Yorktown Soldier.jpeg
2020 York.jpeg
Yorktown 2019.jpeg
Jamestown wooden 2018patch.jpeg
Yorktown 2020.jpeg
Yorktown Patch2.jpeg
rich   badge2.jpeg
Richmond Tredegar Patch2.jpeg
rich Folk  Patch.jpeg
ricmond sticker2.jpeg
Went along with the Tredegar Iron Works Patch
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