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AZ Canyon de Chelly NM Badge (3).jpeg
Fort Bowie wooden.jpeg
Glen Canyon plastic badge.jpeg
Glen Canyon wooden.jpeg
Glen Canyon patch.jpeg

Hohokam Pima National Monument

Hubbell Trading Post.jpeg
Hubbell Trading Post Badge2.jpeg
Mont Tuzigoot Badge2.jpeg
Mont wooden Badge.jpeg
Mont well badge.jpeg
Mont Well wood.jpeg
Mont Well.jpeg
Navajo Wooden.jpeg
Navajo Wooden1.jpeg
Navajo wooden badge.jpeg
Navajo patch2.jpeg


Mont Valley pla.jpeg
Organ Pipe Cactus.jpeg
Organ Pipes  badge.jpeg
Oragan Mount wooden badge2.jpeg
Organ Pipe cenn Badge .jpeg
Organ Pipes Circle Patch2.jpeg
organ pipes bat patch.jpeg
Parashant wooden Badge2.jpeg
Pipe Spring.jpeg
Pipe Spring Plastic.jpeg
Pipespring wooden.jpeg
Saguaro Badge2.jpeg
Saguaro Badge plastic.jpeg
Saguaro wooden.jpeg
Saguaro cactus patch.jpeg
Sunset Crater plastic.jpeg
Sunset Crater wooden.jpeg
sunset thin.jpeg
Tonto Badge big text.jpeg
Tonto wooden2.jpeg
Mont Tuzigoot Badge2.jpeg
Green Ranger patch.jpeg
Walnut Canyon pla.jpeg
Walnut Canyon woo.jpeg


Wupatki wooden badge.jpeg
Wup thin.jpeg
Joint patch with Sunset Crater NM, Walnut Canyon NM, and Wupatki NM
Wupatk patchi.jpeg

Arizona Archaeologist

By completing the Junior Arizona Archaeologist booklet and visiting the 18 participating NPS units in Arizona, you learned times, places and cultures that inhabited Arizona long ago.  Summer of 2016.

Arizona Junior Ranger Explorer program

The program focused on cultural and natural resources including geology, archaeology, and ethnobotany.

It featured activities that were completed in all of the Arizona NPS units. 

Summer 2018

Saguaro National Monument, prior to October 14, 1994

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