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Western Arctic
National Parklands

Gates of the Arctic patch.jpeg
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Golden Gate NRA App Award.jpeg
Manzanar badge.jpeg
Arcata Com Forest.jpeg
Arcata Marsh.jpeg
CC Peligan.jpeg
Fort Humbolt.jpeg
Fresh Water.jpeg
Grizzly Creek Bug.jpeg
Grizzly Creek.jpeg
Redwood EdVentures Quest Headwaters Fore
Redwood EdVentures Quest Hikshari Trail.
North Coast.jpeg
Humbolt bay.jpeg
Redwood EdVentures Quest Humbolst
Humbolt Coastal Nature.jpeg
Black Sands Beach.jpeg
Hidden Valley.jpeg
Shelter Cove.jpeg
Patick Point.jpeg
Patick Point.jpeg
Seuoia Park Zoo.jpeg
Redwood EdVentures Quest Fish Lake.jpeg
Redwood EdVentures Quest Gray Falls.jpeg
Redwood EdVentures Quest Tish Tang.jpeg
Sew Bea.jpeg
I rode the Monument.jpeg
No Dino.jpeg
Rocky Mount Dedication pin.jpeg
Rocky Mountain cent pin.jpeg
Biscayne pin.jpeg
I dig arch pin.jpeg
PuUhonua O sticker.jpeg


Kentucky's National Park Pentathlon;
In 2016, if your visited all five NPS sites in the state, you were able to earn a special free commemorative patch.
The pentathlon is in recognition of the NPS 2016 Centennial.


The badge is giving out as part of the junior ranger program, sometimes.

Ran Bad.jpeg

Thomas Stone NHS, Hike 100

Catoction Outdoorsman.jpeg
Geo Isl.jpeg
Gateway Super OUtdoor.jpeg

Tally-HO!  May 18, 2021 was National Kids to Parks Day, and to help celebrate, Nature Cat came to Gateway Arch National Park.

ABurial Jr Ranger med.jpeg
Fire Island  Horseshoe crab pin.jpeg
Fire Island  Deer Pin.jpeg
FI fire.jpeg
gateway 50.jpeg
50th pin.jpeg

Mohonk National Historic Landmark

Mohonk badge.jpeg
3 park patch.jpeg

The patch was created to celebrate Junior Ranger Day of 2018.  "Manahatta" is one of several names given to the island of Manhattan by the native Lenape Indians. It translates to "island of many hills." The original topography of Manhattan was a very hilly landscape but in Lower Manhattan, its hard to tell as virtually all of the hills have been leveled out to make for easier development. 

Cave Cadet.jpeg
Theodore Roosevelt Dedication pin.jpeg
Dayton wings Fairchild.jpeg
Washita 25 ann patch.jpeg
Washita 25 ann coin.jpeg
JDFB dont hurt the dirt.jpeg
John Day Fossilb Beds.jpeg
Big Tree Trail.jpeg
No Name Trail.jpeg
Old Growth Trail.jpeg
Crater Lake button pin.jpeg
Big Tree.jpeg
Tour De Chateau.jpeg
Goat pin johnstown.jpeg
Goat pin johnstown2.jpeg
To honor the herd of goats that helped with the Lakebed Rehabilitation Project at Johnstown NM in the summer of 2020, Johnstown NM developed a program based on goats.  Answer the ten questions in the program and earn a goat pin! 
Upper Delaware Take a Hike Patch.jpeg
Kings Moutain medallion.jpeg
This is an earned patch for completing a GPS booklet in Badlands NP.

Awarded for hiking Window Trail

Awarded for hiking named paths.

Big ben Panther Patch patch.jpeg
Big ben Hot springs patch.jpeg
Big ben Emory patch.jpeg
Big Bend Cent patch.jpeg
cannon ball 2017.jpeg
San Ant Mission patch.jpeg
Bryce Canyon GEODectitive.jpeg
canyonland button pin.jpeg

Challenge Coin

Arl coin.jpeg
19th Patch.jpeg
2011 Cherry Blossoms pin.jpeg
Fossil Butte pin.jpeg
Donate $5.00 to the monument and receive this pin. 
Yellow Stone Young Scientist.jpeg
Patch (ages 5 - 13) or keychain (ages 14 and up)


Archaeology Program
Archeology program.jpeg
Every KId1.jpeg
Every KId2.jpeg
Cumberland Gap Leave No Trace.jpeg
LNT Bigfoot patch.jpeg
LNT Purple Pin Set.jpeg
LNT Oval Pin Set.jpeg
LNT Oval patch Set.jpeg
LNT Rectrangle Pin Set.jpeg
LNT Rectrangle patch Set.jpeg
LNT Purple patch Set.jpeg
Ranger Rensezbous.jpeg

Take a Step; The Path to Sustainability

World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day 2019.jpeg
VR yellow.jpeg
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