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National Programs

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Civil Rights

Harriett Tubman patch2.jpeg
San Ant Mission gps patch.jpeg

Patch was giving out during Junior Ranger Day; April 21st, 2018, at San Antonio Missions NHP

Historic Preservation badge2.jpeg
arch plastic badge.jpeg
Juior Archeologist patch.jpeg
Paleontologist wooden.jpeg
Wooden with black out lines.  Only 5 were produced as prototypes.  
Junior Ranger Day
Jr Day Patch 2018.jpeg
Jr Day Pin button 2018.jpeg

In the summer of 2018, the NPS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service launch a program to help kids get hooked on fishing.  


Explore national parks, national wildlife refuges, and fish hatcheries to have safe and enjoyable fishing trips!


Learn about fishing, aquatic habitats and fishing safety.


Protect native fish and the habitats on which they depend.

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National Get Outdoor Day
Night Explorer badge.jpeg
Night Explorer pin.jpeg
Night Explorer white stars patch.jpeg
Nig Exp pat.jpeg
Ocean Conservation
Railroad Explorer.jpeg
Rangers Against Drugs
Salute to National Parks
Underwater Explorer2.jpeg
Web Ranger
Wilderness Explorer
Wilderness Patch2.jpeg

Whiskeytown NRA


Lassen Volcanic NP

Indiana Dunes NL

50th Anniversary of the National Park Service 
50th Ann NHPA.jpeg

National Programs

Park Explorer
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