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John Day Wooden.jpeg

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, Eleven States: ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA, (See Nebraska)

John Day badge.jpeg
Lewis and clark badge 2 stars.jpeg
Lewis and Clark.jpeg
Lewis and Clark wooden Badge2.jpeg

Fort Clatsop NMEM.
Incorporated into Lewis & Clark NHP October 30, 2008.
Comes with attached ribbon. 

Lewis and Clark Person Patch.jpeg

Awarded for visiting 2 sites

Awarded to ages 4-8

Lewis and clark serg patch.jpeg
Lewis and Clark Canoe Patch.jpeg

Awarded for visiting 3 sites

Awarded to ages 9-12

Lewis and clark Cap patch.jpeg
Lewis and Clark Boat Patch.jpeg

Awarded for visiting 4 sites

Awarded to ages 13 and up

Lewis and clark prez patch.jpeg
Oregon Caves plastic old.jpeg
Oregon Caves.jpeg
I know they look alike but the one on the left is darker in color and has the old style pin back.
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