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I believe these are my most valuable items I have for trade, so I would like equal value in return.

Bandelier eco.jpeg
Citizen Scientist.jpeg
Fort McHenry wooden badge.jpeg
Bad Scientist.jpeg
Grand Portage patch.jpeg
Grant Kohrs yellow patch.jpeg
Moores Creek Virtual.jpeg
den sled dog.jpeg
Santa Monica Valley Pin.jpeg
Santa Monica Mountain Pin.jpeg
Santa Monica Ocean Pin.jpeg
Sleeping Bear Dunes 50th.jpeg
Navy Memorial.jpeg
Gateway Super OUtdoor.jpeg

Tally-HO! May 18, 2021 was National Kids to Parks Day, and to help celebrate, Nature Cat came to Gateway Arch National Park for a celebration.  It was great opportunity to see the recently renovated park under the Arch

Hot Springs Cent Wooden.jpeg
AZ explorer patch9.jpeg
AZ explorer patch4a.jpeg
Boston Winter.jpeg
Cumberland Gap Tunnel 25.jpeg
Chaco Culture Night Patch 2020.jpeg
Boston Law badge.jpeg
Dinosaur patch.jpeg
Cedar Breaks Flower Ranger.jpeg
chick coin.jpeg
chick patch.jpeg
Glacier Bay Whale patch.jpeg
Shiloh Patch.jpeg
Boston Harbor wooden2.jpeg
Lin 100.jpeg
Pip Sound 22.jpeg
Jun Wha.jpeg
FDR Hort.jpeg
will woo.jpeg
grant 200.jpeg
Yellow wooden.jpeg
San An World.jpeg
El Morro camel.jpeg
Let's Move on.jpeg
Gol Gat 50.jpeg
Brown Bear 04a.jpeg
Nat Bri.jpeg
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